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TV antenna service Sunshine Coast

TV Antennas for Caravans and Portable Satellite Systems for Caravans

With the introduction of the VAST Satellite service, TV is now available anywhere in Australia. If you are a traveller in Australia you can now access TV anywhere in Australia by using the VAST Satellite Service it makes perfect sense to take a portable satellite system with you to keep up to date with the latest news.

Portable Satellite Systems pack down very well and can easily be setup anywhere in Australia. The Portable Satellite kits Comsat Technology Supply, includes everything required to receive the VAST Satellite Signal. Comsat Technology will install a face plate with a through conection from the inside to the outside. The VAST boxes are very versatile in that they can connect to any TV analogue (tube tv) or flat screen TV’s. As long as the TV has an RF input, an AV input or HDMI input. The VAST boxes even run on 12 volt systems, therefore you do not require 240 volt household power to run Satellite System.

We even show you how to line the dish up the easiest way.

The Complete Portable Satellite System includes the following Parts:-


Winegard Caravan TV Antenna
Digital Satellite Single Finder
Complete VAST Portable Satellite kit
Complete VAST Portable Satellite Kit
TV antenna service Sunshine Coast