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TV Antennas and Digital TV Antennas What is the Difference

The most common question, or statement customers tell us is, “My TV antenna is very old and is not Digital, Do I need a Digital Antenna” or “Another Technician has told me I need a Digital Antenna.” The answer is no, there is no such thing as a Digital TV antenna. All UHF TV Antennas receive RF signals in a range of Frequencies, being transmitted from the six local Transmitters on the Sunshine Coast. These Frequencies can be either Digital or Analogue, and the antennas can receive both Digital and Analogue even at the same time.

#####This is not just my opinion because in areas where there is a 4G Tower, the 4G Phone Network Signal is interfering with the Terrestrial Digital Signal. If there is a so called Digital only TV Antenna then why does it also receive the 4G Network Signal, and interfere with the Terrestrial Digital Signal?####

As long as the TV antenna you have is receiving the correct range of frequencies for your area, your TV antenna would be working fine. And you should have the same signal at the TV points.

If you are experiencing a slow degradation of your Digital signal over time, than your existing TV antenna may be failing and you may require a new antenna. Comsat Technology provide an onsite service and can quickly check the digital TV signal at one of the TV points to diagnose the problem.

Comsat Technology can then measure the Digital signal at the TV point and make sure that, the antenna is the problem, and if it is Comsat Technology will make sure the correct antenna is installed for that particular location. Some situations just require the TV antenna to simply be moved a couple of metres or one side or another and even just moved down lower on the existing antenna mount.


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UHF/VHF Log Periodic Digital TV Antenna
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