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Extra TV Antenna, Foxtel, Satellite, Data, and Phone Outlets

Comsat Technology Technicians have the relevant Cabling licences to perform the installation of TV, Phone, and Data Outlets, and speaker cabling for home theatre installations. You may have just moved house, or are renovating your existing home or just part of it, and have found that the location of the existing points is not suitable and need to be relocated to another position in the home. Or you may be just re-arranging your lounge or media room to suit new furniture, and the location of the TV and AV system needs to be changed to suit the new look of the room. This will require running new cables for the TV, Foxtel, Data, and audio system. Comsat Technology can also move or add points for Satellite systems including Foxtel, VAST.

Comsat Technology can work in with builders and can precable TV, Foxtel, Phone, and Data during the renovations to make it as easy as possible for other trades to complete their work. e.g run cabling when gyprock walls have been striped back to studs.


TV Antenna, Foxtel, Data and Phone Cabling during renovation
Digital TV Antenna point
TV, Foxtel, Phone and data Cabling during renovation
TV and data Cabling during renovation
TV,Foxtel,Phone and data Cabling during renovation