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TV Antenna Solutions for Digital TV Reception Problems including Pixelation and Poor or Bad Signal Messages

You will know you have poor Digital signal if the channel you are viewing starts to pixelate or you may even get a message on your TV saying “Poor or Bad signal check your antenna” This message may appear only for a short amount of time, randomly throughout your TV viewing time, which means there is a problem with the Digital TV reception, or there maybe some sort of interference interrupting the Digital broadcast. The "Poor or Bad signal check your antenna"message may appear on the screen and stay there for an extended period of time, which indicates a more serious problem with the Digital TV reception.

Some Technicians think that if the Digital TV signal is poor, just add an amplifier will fix the problem.!!!

This will not fix the Digital TV signal, if you already have a very poor Digital TV signal, it does not matter how much the digital signal is boosted or amplified, you will still get a poor digital signal, all that happens is that the very poor digital signal is amplified with a whole lot of other unwanted signals.(signal noise)

It does not solve the problem

With our Digital Signal Meter, Comsat Technology will check the antenna system, find the fault, consult with the customer and then fix the problem. Because our Digital Signal Meters show us a number of screens relating to the Digital TV signal we can see what is going on and with these readings and can usually find the fault very quickly.

Some of the screens we can use include the spectrum, the Carrier Bit Error screen, the Video Bit Error screen, the Carrier to Noise ratio screen, and finally the most important screen is the actual Digital Colour Picture. If we can see the picture, with no pixelation or the picture dropping out, then the Digital TV signal is good.


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