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Home Theatre Installation and Configurations

As well as the Digital TV, Home Theatre has undergone some very dramatic changes, due to the internet and also due to the way people communicate. Now the home theatre system is being used not for just viewing a movie but also it can be configured to play customers favourite music from a wireless device (usually their smart phone, ipod or ipad)and, you can even control the AV receiver with a wireless Bluetooth device.

Even the AV receivers can connect to the internet to stream audio and run music apps, and most of the major manufacturers provide a free app that can be downloaded and installed on the latest smart phones that can control most of the functions of these new AV receivers.

Now music is available from the internet rather than playing a CD. The internet revolution with wireless technology has played a major role in making this available. Even the way the sound is being distributed, customers want to listen to their favourite music throughout the whole house or in particular areas of the house other than the home theatre room. Customers also want to control the music, that is, they want to be able to select a particular song and also control the volume of the music they are listening to, in any room of the house.


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