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TV antenna service Sunshine Coast

MATV Commercial Installation and Service for Body Corp and Real Estate Property Managers.

Comsat Technology fix any TV systems large or small, MATV systems that are located in high rise buildings, holiday apartments, duplexes, hospitals, or retirement villages these TV antenna systems are usually spread over a very large area.

Comsat Technology is usually contacted by the body corporate managers, who have created a work order for maintenance or repairs to the TV antenna system for the building in question.

Comsat Technology contacts the relevant owners or tenants to gain access. Comsat Technology then investigate the problem that is laid out in the work order, and if there is major work to be done a quote is usually provided, and if approved, Comsat Technology commence the work to fix the problem.

If the building requires a new TV antenna installation with mount, Comsat Technology install That includes the angle roof mount, the main mast, locking color and staybars as well as the anchor bolts to hold everything in place.


Programmable MATV Headend
Distribution MATV Amplifier
MATV single channel headend System
MATV single channel headend system
TV antenna service Sunshine Coast