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Christian Satellite TV and Foreign Satellite TV Installations and Service

Christian TV is available from the Optus D2 Satellite and is FREE to all that wish to tune in. The equipment required is a KU Band Satellite dish, and a suitable Satellite receiver, preferrably an MPEG4/MPEG2 Satellite receiver.

Comsat Technology can supply and install both the Satellite dish and the Satellite receiver and we also connect the receiver to your TV and tune the receiver to view all the preferred FREE TV channels.

Foreign Satellite TV

To receive Satellite TV from other countries, there is a limited number of foreign TV channels available that are FREE. Some of the broadcasts that are available include RTS Serbia, TRT Turkey, TVR International Romania, RT russia, BVN Netherlands, and Thai Global Network from Thailand are all available for FREE. All you require is a KU Band Satellite dish and a suitable Satellite receiver. Some of these channels are being transmitted in High Definition MPEG4 standard. Which requires a MPEG4 Satellite receiver to receive the signal. Comsat Technology now only supply MPEG4 receivers.

These MPEG4 receivers are backward compatible which means that they will also receive and display MPEG2 satellite channels.


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TV antenna service Sunshine Coast