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Comsat Technology supply and install All types of Flat Screen TV Wall Mounts.

There are a huge range of TV wall mounts available, one very important point to consider before purchasing a wall bracket is how the fittings on the back of the TV are arranged that is, are the HDMI sockets on the same plain as the flat screen TV or are they at 90 degrees. This is a very important point to consider how much room is required between the TV and the wall to fit cable connections.

Wall mounts can be either fitted very close to the wall, with no tilt or there are tilt adjustable wall mounts and there are also flexible swivel-arm wall mounts for installations where the TV has be utilised in various areas of the home.

Wall mounting a large flat screen TV requires more thought than just mounting the TV onto a wall, other things have to be considered such as what external devices you are connecting the TV to. That is do you have a DVD player, PVR or Foxtel box that you need to have connected to the TV.

If you do have a DVD player or Foxtel box that need to be connected to the TV you need to consider that cables need to be run either in the wall cavity or externally from the device to the TV.

There is also the TV point and the power point that need to be connected to the TV. These need to be moved up behind the TV or they need to be extended to connected to the TV.


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