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Comsat Technology supply and install Wi-Fi and Mobile Phone Boosters and Repeaters

If you have problems with your home Wi-Fi network not having the range that you need, Comsat Technology can supply and install Wi-Fi boosters or repeaters that will greatly improve the Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

Comsat Technology recommend when setting up a Wi-Fi network that the main distribution point be as close as possible to the centre of the home. Sometimes this cannot be accomplished as the telephone line is usually located in the kitchen or in the office. Comsat Technology can install a new phone line in a more suitable location, or we can install a new Cat5e data point from the office or kitchen to a more central location for the wireless router to be located.

If the house is very large or on multiple levels, then a Wi-Fi booster or repeater is required to improve the Wi-Fi network range.

Mobile Phone Network Booster/Repeaters

If your mobile phone signal is very poor and is dropping out, or you have to stand in a particular place in the house to make a mobile phone call. Comsat Technology have the solution.

Comsat Technology can supply and install Mobile Phone Network Booster/Repeaters. Please do not get these confused with the Wi-Fi network booster/repeaters. They are not the same. The mobile network booster/repeaters, inprove the mobile phone network coverage in your home. They are avaialable for the Telstra, Optus and vodafone Networks, When you order the repeaters, there is a registration form to complete, along with the order. Once that is done the repeaters can then be delivered and installed. A good feature of these mobile phone network repeaters is that they are portable, and if you are a tennant,when you move you can take them with you.


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