Get the best TV Antenna Installations and Service, as well as Smart TV Installations, wall mounts, Mobile phone Boosters, Wi-Fi Boosters, Portable Satellite TV kits, and Satellite phone sales and rentals on the Sunshine Coast

TV Antenna Service

TV Antenna Service is all about, what is causing pixelation of your Digital Free-To-Air Channels and fix the problem. Usual causes of Digital TV reception pixelating.

  • Water Ingress causing corrosion
  • Failed components, including splitters, amplifiers, antennas
  • Poor connections, bad terminations of Coaxial Cable
  • Geographic location, if you live in amongst tall trees, hills


TV Antenna Installations

After you build your new home, the very last thing that you think about is,, What are going to do about the TV Antenna Installation.

The TV Antenna Installation is what I think turns a new house into a New Home.

It completes the building process and makes the New Home a liveable place. 

Smart TV Installations and Wall Mounts

Wall mounting a Smart TV is not as straight forward as you may think..

You need to consider the following:-

  • actual location in the room,
  • reflections from sunlight
  • Power point location
  • TV point location
  • Height on the wall
  • Type of wall bracket you require, flat mount or articulating
  • Connected Accessories 



Easy setup requiring No tools to unpack connect and setup the dish.

Mobile Phone Boosters and Wi-Fi Boosters

Mobile phone signal on the Sunshine Coast is not the best in a lot of locations.

Especially if you want to use your Mobile Phone to streaming content including Netflix or Freeview TV programs.

You may struggle to get a consistent service without buffering due to the poor Mobile Phone reception.

Mobille Phone booster or repeaters will fix this problem 

Light Weight Portable Satellite Dish Kits made on the Sunshine Coast

Made on the Sunshine Coast. These Durable Ultra Light Weight  portable Satellite dish kits are the answer to watching your favourite TV Programs and or your favourite Foxtel shows when you are travelling around the country.

Easy setup requiring No tools to unpack connect and setup the dish.

Satellite Phone Sales and Hire

If you are travelling around Australia or just taking a short trip out to central Australia, you will need a Satellite phone to provide you with phone and SMS connectivity to anywhere in Australia. The Terrestrial mobile phone service is very limited and in most remote places is non-existent.

To keep in contact or if you have a break down,, or in the event of an emergency, you will be able to phone someone with a Satellite phone.

They are not expensive and you will receive a standard Australian mobile number.


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