Complete your new home with the best Digital TV Antenna Installation on the Sunshine Coast

New TV Antenna Installation for your new home

If you want reliable and consistent Digital TV reception, Comsat Technology will give you that.

After 20 years of installing TV antennas on the Sunshine Coast we have seen the Analogue TV System come and go and the introduction of the Digital TV Transmission that replaced the Analogue TV System.

How do we install a new TV Antenna

To install a new TV Antenna requires time, knowledge, experience and in some cases a lot of patience.  You just can’t stick a TV Antenna anywhere on a roof it just doesn’t won’t work like that.

We use specialist Digital TV Antenna meters that provide a number of different readings and also we can see the Digital picture just to confirm the result.

Factors that affect the Digital TV reception


The main factor that will influence the location and direction of the TV Antenna, is the transmitters that are available from the location of the property.

There are seven local Transmitters on the Sunshine Coast. Some installations you may have more than one Transmitter to choose from, and other installations there is only one Transmitter available.

Terrain can affect the Digital TV reception


The terrain or topography of the land and trees are also major factors that affect the location of the TV Antenna System.

It is extremely important to be able to check the variation in signal level and quality of each Digital TV group from a number of locations on the roof. 

We use the latest digital spectrum analyser to check each Digital TV Channel Group for errors in the signal, and as a final check we can view the actual Digital picture for each TV channel.

TV Antenna Installation

New Digital TV Antenna Installation at Aura Caloundra West. This new TV Antenna Installation was completed for a boutique local builder. 

tv antenna installation caloundra

TV Antenna and Foxtel Dish Installation

A New Digital TV Antenna and Stainless Steel Tripod Mount with a Foxtel Satellite Dish complete with Iron Flexi roof mount Installation in the Noosa area, for a boutique local builder. 

TV Antenna Installation Glenview

A New Digital TV Antenna made in Italy and installed in Glenview, with a galvanised iron roof mount for a local builder.