For the Best TV Antenna Installation and Service on the Sunshine Coast

TV Antenna Installation and Service

Comsat Technology Specialist Technicians have over 20 years experience, installing and servicing TV Antenna Systems.

Using the latest in Digital TV and Satellite Meters, is the only way to make sure that you have the best possible Digital TV and Foxtel reception for your home.

Smart TV Installation and Configuration

Installation and Configuration of Smart TV’s, that includes unpacking,  and connecting your existing accessories, going through the setup with tuning, and configuring the Wi-Fi Network, registering and adding your favourite apps to the home screen.

Smart TV, Wall Brackets and Mounts

Flat Screen TV’s can be Wall Mounted a couple of different ways.

  • Flush mounted with no tilt adjustment
  • Flat mounted with up and down tilt adjustment.
  • Fully Articulating wall mounts, allow for the TV to be moved left, right, back and forward and also with up and down tilt adjustment.
Portable Satellite Dish Kits

Made on the Sunshine Coast. These Durable Ultra Light Weight  portable Satellite dishes, are the answer to watching your favourite TV Programs and or your favourite Foxtel shows when you are travelling around the country. 

They are supper light weight and do not require any tools to set them up or pack them up into their convenient heavy duty vinyl carry bag.

Satellite Phone Hire and Sales

Buy or Hire a Satellite phone from Comsat Technology for your next adventure just to give you that piece of mind, if you require phone coverage where there is weak or no Terrestrial Mobile Service available

It’s like your spare tyre. You may never have to use it, but, it is there in case you need it.

Mobile phone Boosters

If you have very poor mobile phone signal, and your mobile phone calls are dropping in and out. A mobile phone booster/repeater for your mobile network is the answer.

A mobile phone booster/repeater will receive the weak mobile phone signal  of your mobile network provider, and will boost that signal to cover an area the size of a two level home.

You can use a  mobile booster in your home and you can also get a mobile booster for your vehicle or caravan.

Wi-Fi Boosters/Repeaters

If you have very limited range of your Wi-Fi signal for your portable devices or your NBN modem is too far away to provide good Wi-Fi signal, a Wi-Fi  Boosters/Repeater will give you that extra Wi-Fi range.

If you have a large property with other dwellings, that do not have any Wi-Fi Signal, we can extend your Wi-Fi network and provide Wi-Fi to those other dwellings.

TV Antenna Installations and Service

Get the Best TV Antenna installations and Service on the Sunshine Coast

Smart TV Installation and Configuration

Get the Best Smart TV Installation and Configurations on the Sunshine Coast

Smart TV Wall Brackets and Mounts

There are a range of wall brackets and mounts for Smart TV's, from flat to fully articulating

Portable Satellite Kits for Travellers

Comsat Technology have portable Satellite kits that are made here on the Sunshine Coast

Satellite Phone Hire and Sales

In remote locations you need a satellite phone, and you can either buy or hire one from Comsat Technology.

Mobile Phone Boosters

Comsat Technology supply and install Mobile Phone boosters that can improve a weak mobile service for any mobile phone carrier.

Wi-Fi Booster/Repeaters

If your Wi-Fi signal is not getting where you want it, a Wi-Fi booster/repeater will fix this