Soundbar Installations and Configuration Sunshine Coast

Soundbar Wall mount Installations Sunshine Coast

Comsat Technology specialise in the Installation and Configuration of Soundbars for flat screen TV’s. Soundbars can simply sit in front of a table top mounted flat screen TV. Or if the flat screen TV is wall mounted in a recess, the soundbar can sit below the flat screen TV as long as there is enough room to fit the soundbar.

Custom made Soundbar Wall Brackets

Comsat Technology can also custom build soundbar brackets to attach a soundbar to the bottom of the flat screen TV.

If the flat screen TV is wall mounted, we can also custom make soundbar brackets to mount the soundbar to the wall underneath the flat screen TV an still be able to centre the soundbar under the TV.

Sound Bar Installations

Sound bars can be installed on the table top, or cabinet, just in front of the TV.

The reason sound bars have been developed, is because the sound coming from the TV is not very good quality, or clear.

Flat screen TV’s are now virtually a monitor or picture device and if you require good quality, clear sound, you will need a sound bar.

flat screen tv and sound bar

Wall Mounting Sound Bars

If you have a wall mounted TV, you can still mount the Sound bar below the TV on a table or cabinet can be wall mounted the same as flat screen TV’s.

If you have a flat screen TV mounted in a recess, you can install the sound bar in the same recess below the TV, if there is enough room.

Wall mounted Sound bar

Wall Mounted Smart TV and Sound bar with a custom made bracket.

If you require a sound bar to be mounted on the same bracket as the flat screen TV, and need to have the TV and sound bar be fully articulating.

Comsat Technology can fabricate a custom sound bar bracket.

custom made bracket