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What causes Pixelation

Pixelation of the Digital TV reception is what happens if the Digital TV Signal Quality to the TV is very poor.

The reason for the very poor Quality Digital TV Signal can be caused by the failure of any component between the TV antenna and the TV. 


Interference is very common problem Particularly the 4G/LTE Interference from the mobile phone networks, that share the same UHF spectrum as the Terrestrial Digital TV UFH spectrum. 


Corrosion is probably the most common problem on the Sunshine Coast, that results in very poor Digital TV Signal which results in Pixelation of the Digital TV Picture.

Water Ingress

Water Ingress from rainfall is another common problem that severely affects the Digital TV signal. Water will penetrate any external fittings if they are not water proof. Once water gets into the fittings then corrosion starts to happen and over time the Digital TV Signal will deteriorate and eventually you will have no signal.

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There are a number of things that can affect the quality of the Digital TV Signal.

Interference is another problem with the LTE/4G and 5G networks now using part of the RF Spectrum.

Water penetration or water ingress can affect the Digital TV reception as it then leads to corrosion as a secondary problem.

The location of the property in relation to the six Transmitters on the Sunshine Coast,  as well as, the TV antenna alignment, orientation, and location can affect the quality of the Digital TV reception. 

corroded TV antenna


Interference of the Digital TV Signal is becoming more of a problem as the LTE/4G and 5G mobile networks expand.

The LTE/4G and 5G networks are using part of the RF Spectrum that was exclusively part of the TV spectrum.

This Interference can be seen on a spectrum analyser, and the signal is a lot stronger than the Digital TV Signal. 

digital pixelation

Water Ingress

Water Ingress is probably the main cause of the deterioration of the Digital TV signal on the Sunshine Coast.

The combination of the salt air and the high rainfall combine to have a large impact on the longevity of galvanised steel and non anodized aluminium material.

Corroded TV Antenna